About Us

17952525_789402101378_4247062349524802828_nLisa has a bachelors in philosophy from Nyack College, NY where she not only was privileged to study under the guidance of Dr. James Danaher, but also received exceptional biblical education, making her aware of the nature of God as Father and how that relates to us. She and her family currently reside in southern California where she is an active member and leader in women’s, college and young adult, and 30’s and 40’s ministries. She is known for her baking and liberal use of profanity and scripture referencing while praying, and pursues authentic, abundant life with her husband Twyves and their three sons, ages 4, 2 and 4  months. You can partner with and support her work at http://www.patreon.com/LisaBaptiste, where you’ll get access to an exclusive weekly feed, published work, cool swag and the satisfaction that you are enabling His stories to be told.




Twyves is a devoted husband and doting father who sees God in the everyday mechanics of life. Often, you’ll find him in the background, serving on the production team behind a camera, or caring for all 3 of his sons, intentionally stepping back so that others may shine. His gifts of mercy and grace, not only with his family but all in his community, create an air of safety wherever he is. He enjoys working with his hands, a good book and a competitive game of Street Fighter.